[Bug 302813] Re: [feature-request] hierarchical list organisation

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com
Thu Dec 16 08:25:03 CET 2010

1. This isn't a bad idea, but it won't get anywhere until it is pushed
upstream. =]

2. I got here looking for something like this. I have a similar idea,
but a bit simpler and non hierarchical.

It would just be a way to have sublists that only go to subset of the
whole list (and possibly people not on the "main" list?). Any mechanism
for that would be cool. It's pretty open-ended, but here's more of what
i had in mind and how it's different:

I imagine that the sublists could be similar to gmail allowing the use
of +something on the end of your email address for different things***.
I see them as leaves on a tree, rather than branches, so non-
hierarchical. The use case i had in mind was: i have a group of people
(friends, coworkers, whoever), and some of them are planning something
(a trip, an event, whatever), and they would like to plan this on the
list, without it necessarily going out to everyone. They may have a
short lifespan, but are useful.

Since these discussions would be part of the main list, and presumably
archived on it somehow, it probably makes sense to allow anyone on the
main list to opt-in to the discussion, but perhaps let the creator of
the sub-list to choose who to invite/include initially.

So, perhaps this should be filed separately?

*** Gmail allows you to add +anything to the end of your gmail address,
and receive messages that way. for example, if you have
youremailaddress at gmail.com, and someone emails
youremailaddress+whatever at gmail.com, it will go through as normal. This
is useful for blocking spam (adding a suffix to the local part of your
email address, thus allowing you to block all incoming mail addressed to
that suffix).

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  [feature-request] hierarchical list organisation

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