[Bug 693134] Re: Uncaught bounce from Dovecot when Quota Exceeded

JorSol 693134 at bugs.launchpad.net
Wed Dec 22 20:48:23 CET 2010

Then is a Dovecot bug, the problem is that the version in Debian Lenny
is 1.0.15 and the lastest stable is 2.0.8 (1.2.16 in the 1.x brach) so
is hard to know if it's already fixed in the lastest versions.

I tested the "VERP_DELIVERY_INTERVAL = 1"....  It works, but I don't
like the results since it sends one message per recipient and the
Postfix queque gets saturated and the whole system is slow down and I'm
not able to throttle or assign a lower priority to Mailman.

I'm going to check out the simple text matcher as work around.

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  Uncaught bounce from Dovecot when Quota Exceeded

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