[Bug 529550] [NEW] Held Messages Won't Accept Action - Underscore in Email

Maypo markspangler at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 28 18:23:06 CET 2010

Public bug reported:

It seems when mailman encounters an email address with an underscore
embedded in the user name that is sent from a non-member, the held
message gets stuck and won't accept accept, defer, reject or delete ie
xxx_xxx at domain.com.

Tested this by setting up test list, using default setup only changing
administrative email and adding one member to accept the forwarded

When sending from non-member with xxx_xxx at domain.com, moderation web
page will accept radio button for action, but no action is taken.  The
moderation web page for moderation is re-displayed with no action taken.
At that point if mailman get other requests from non-members even if
thay are other email addresses, mailman will append these to the held
messages file and they will all stack up with no way to delete them.  I
now have 3 held messages in one of my lists.  One underscore sandwiched
between 2 'normal' email addresses.

I have tried:
Setting held days with no help
Looking at each individually and trying to delete
Add user to the mebership list (the moderate screen will then show the moderated user as a member)

All with no change.  The radio button is activated, submit is hit and
mailman takes no action and re-displays the moderator screen.

Bluehost has this loaded as a basic service and I cannot get to the
files to manually delete the held messages.  At this point, the only
work around is to delete the entire list and start from default (painful
for a big list).


** Affects: mailman
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Held Messages Won't Accept Action - Underscore in Email
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