[Bug 502022] [NEW] RFE: provide option to email displayed message to email address

Aaron Whitehouse lists at whitehouse.org.nz
Fri Jan 1 07:35:51 CET 2010

Public bug reported:

Very often, I will come across a new piece of information on a topic
that has previously been discussed on the list.  I will then search
through my email accounts to try and find a copy of an email in that
thread and reply to it, so that the message is correctly archived in the
list manager etc.

Quite a lot of times, I will have deleted the relevant message.  I then
have to find it on the list, which is not a problem.  Because I don't
have a copy of the email to reply to, I can't reply to the thread and
make it come up as part of the thread.  At best, I can create a new
email and add a permalink to the original thread.  This would not,
however, allow people browsing the old thread in the archives to see the
newer information.

What would be ideal (and which I have seen implemented in other list
managers, but cannot remember where) would be if, after finding a post
in the archives, one could click a button and enter an email address to
have that message (with all thread headers etc.) emailed to that email
address again.  Then the user could simply reply to the new email to
have the threading properly maintained.

A second, related use-case is for people who aren't on the list and find
a "hanging" thread in the archives.  I often Google and find threads
that end with something like "I will provide an update on this soon"
with no following update.  It would be nice, even if I wasn't on the
mailing list, to have that one email sent to me so that I could reply
and maintain threads.

** Affects: mailman
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

RFE: provide option to email displayed message to email address
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