[Bug 502022] Re: RFE: provide option to email displayed message to email address

Aaron Whitehouse lists at whitehouse.org.nz
Fri Jan 1 23:52:20 CET 2010

Thanks Mark for the very quick and helpful response!

I hadn't realised that.  Perhaps this could be made clearer with an
identical link next to the email address saying "(reply to this
message)", or something.

I also hadn't realised that the threading was limited to single
months.  That seems a bit of a limitation to me and I hadn't realised
it.  Perhaps there are a few threads that I haven't seen the end of
for this reason and hadn't thought to look at the next month's threads
(as there were no more "next in this thread"s).  It would be excellent
if this could be kept in mind through the MM3 enhancements.  If
nothing else, having complete threads (including those in following
months) prevents threads being reopened by people finding them in the

The one use-case that the current method does not work for, and an
"email this to me" link would, is actually one that I face at the
moment: I am away (and so don't have the originals of the emails) and
am using webmail to clear my messages.  The machine is set up for
somebody else's email (the people I am staying with), so "mailto"
links don't work.  If it emailed me the message, I could reply to it
with webmail.  Probably not an uncommon use-case when so many people
are using GMail etc. instead of an email client.

Please feel free to alter the subject etc. to better fit what remains
to be enhanced.

RFE: provide option to email displayed message to email address
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