[Bug 674619] Re: " Not metoo " feature appears to be broken

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Nov 12 19:46:12 CET 2010

Here are some reasons why a poster with not metoo unset would still not
receive a copy of her own post from the list.

1) The poster's nodups option is set and the poster has Cc'd herself.

2) The poster is using gmail/googlemail or some other mail service that
discards messages with duplicate message-ids. See the FAQ at

3) The poster receives digests from the list (her post should be in the
digest regardless of not metoo).

4) The poster's list delivery is disabled.

5) The poster has some kind of filter rules in her own MUA that filters
the message as a duplicate of a sent message.

If none of these explains your issue, please if you can, check your
server's outgoing mail logs to see if the message was sent to the poster
or not.

Note that in general, eligible posters without not metoo receive their
own posts from Mailman lists. If the messages are in fact not being sent
to the posters by your list, we'd need more information to debug this.
For example, does this problem occur with all lists on this server or
just the 'board' list.

Also, it appears that while the mailman installation at
<http://lists.phoenixrisingfreeschool.org/listinfo.cgi> identifies
itself as version 2.1.14, it is non-standard in that list names in the
web interface are of the form "board-phoenixrisingfreeschool.org" as
opposed to just "board". Perhaps this issue should be reported to
whoever provides this modified version.

** Changed in: mailman
       Status: New => Incomplete

" Not metoo " feature appears to be broken
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