[Bug 266806] Re: unsubscribe removal confirmation should be optional

Cedders 266806 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sat Apr 16 00:09:04 CEST 2011

I think Sourceforge bug 1951777
is a duplicate of this, and have commented there as follows.

As I understand it, this bug suggests that a list could optionally be
configured not to send confirm messages and allow an unsubscribe by
email without the password, or via web; having send_goodbye_msg set to
"yes" provides a certain level of security against abuse. This is also
suggested in a message on mailman-users in 2001
as an additional supervisor function ALLOW_OPEN_UNSUBSCRIBE, and again
in 2005 <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-

I would prefer instead of ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE an additional value for
mlist.unsubscribe_policy =2 meaning no approval and no confirmation
necessary - instant unsubscribe without any authorisation needed.
Perhaps it could generate a warning if send_goodbye_msg==0, but I don't
see any reason site managers would want to restrict it.

Note that a one-click web unsubscribe is possible for non-digest users
provided "personalize" is set to "yes" (or "full"). I find that on a
one-to-many list of several thousand subscribers there can be a
significant number of complaints from users who simply don't seem to be
able to get their head around either requesting a password or responding
to a confirmation token.  This failure to follow the instructions
produces spam reports and requires moderator intervention.   So this can
go the footer (this is the short form suggested by Jimm Tittsler in

To unsubscribe click the link below:

However, this isn't the full solution that another choice of
unsubscribe_policy would give.  (I may have a go at implementing this.)

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  unsubscribe removal confirmation should be optional

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