[Bug 266806] Re: unsubscribe removal confirmation should be optional

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Apr 17 02:04:36 CEST 2011

Cedders wrote on 2011-04-15:    #4

> I would prefer instead of ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE an additional value for
> mlist.unsubscribe_policy =2 meaning no approval and no confirmation necessary
> - instant unsubscribe without any authorisation needed. Perhaps it could
> generate a warning if send_goodbye_msg==0, but I don't see any reason site
> managers would want to restrict it.

I think you are misunderstanding the request for ALLOW_OPEN_UNSUBSCRIBE
in the posts you reference. They ask for ALLOW_OPEN_UNSUBSCRIBE to work
analogously to ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE. I.e. if the site sets
ALLOW_OPEN_UNSUBSCRIBE = Yes in mm_cfg.py, then Privacy options... ->
Subscription rules -> unsubscribe_policy would offer a third option of
"no authentication or confirmation" to the list admin, and if
ALLOW_OPEN_UNSUBSCRIBE were defaulted or set to No, only the current two
options would be available. Thus there would be a third option as you
envision, but its availability would be controlled by the site admin.

I certainly understand the desire to make it as easy as possible for
people who want to leave a list to do so, but this has to be balanced
against the possibility for abuse. Imagine how you would feel if some
anonymous member of a list didn't like your opinions, and every time you
posted you found yourself unsubscribed and had to go through the process
of subscribing and setting your options all over again.

In my case, I get an unsubscribe confirmation from the mailman-
users at python.org list a couple of times a month. I suspect that these
may at least in part be the result of spam spoofing my address sent to
the -leave or -unsubscribe address, but whatever they are, I would be
very annoyed if instead of the confirmation request that I could ignore,
I received a notice of unsubscription and had to rejoin the list.

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  unsubscribe removal confirmation should be optional

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