[Question #164820]: mail list which is member of another maillist doesn't receive emails

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Thu Jul 14 22:15:59 CEST 2011

New question #164820 on mailman in Ubuntu:

the problem that I am facing is when I put a mail list(maillistmember at domain.org) as a member of another mail list (embeddedmaillist at domain.org). maillistmember at domain.org on other hand does have some email addresses as subscribers, let's say user at gmail.com and user at yahoo.com are members of maillistmember at domain.org. If maillistmember at domain.org is the only subscriber of embeddedmaillist at domain.org and I send an email to embeddedmaillist at domain.org nothing happens - there are no emails delivered to the end email addresses - user at gmail.com and user at yahoo.com. If I make user at hotmail.com and maillistmember at domain.org members of embeddedmaillist at domain.org, then send email to embeddedmaillist at domain.org - user at hotmail.com receives the email, but the members of maillistmember at domain.org (user at gmail.com and user at yahoo.com) don't receive it. Is this an intended behaviour, or there must be an error somewhere in my configuration?


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