[Bug 889635] Re: Per-list configurable message headers for digests

Joseph Fall 889635 at bugs.launchpad.net
Tue Nov 15 10:48:51 CET 2011

Browsing the source for the 3.x series, it looks like one possible way
to handle this might be to add a new digest format - say "Flexible Plain
Text Digest".

class FlexibleTextDigester(RFC1153Digester):

would simply override a few things in the init() method to pull in user-
defined alternatives to the RFC1153 defaults from the mlist object to
override the config settings, but otherwise rely on the base digester to
do the work.

That would ensure no existing lists using RFC1153 plain text digests would be affected in any way.
Of course MailingList(Model) would need to define a new field(s) - DB schema change - that's a bummer.

I saw a few other feature requests for non-compliant RFC1153 digests
that might be consolidated with this approach?

BTW - looks like there is a minor coding error (v. 3.0.0a8+ ) on line 242 in runners.digest.py   
class RFC1153Digester(Digester):
      def add_message(self, msg, count):
         for header in config.digests.plain_digest_keep_headers.split():

should read

         for header in self._keepers:

I doubt this causes a bug at present, but has the potential to, if I've
understood the code correctly.

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  Per-list configurable message headers for digests

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