[Bug 860159] Re: Mailman 3.0 support for Postgres

Barry Warsaw 860159 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sun Oct 23 02:08:17 CEST 2011

I'm down to three test failures in the above branch.  There seems to be
two actual bugs going on here:

1) Even though I fixed the SQL type for digest_size_threshold to REAL
for Postgres (and FLOAT for SQLite, but it doesn't care), it still seems
that when we store 10.5 into it in configuration.rst, 11.0 comes out.

2) It looks to me like Postgres doesn't reset the primary key id to 1
for deleted tables.  Two of the failing tests print the Pended
dictionary, which contains its id, i.e. its primary key.  For SQLite,
this always gets reset to 1 for subsequent tests (because we delete all
tables between every test).  For Postgres though, deleting the table
does not seem to reset the primary key back to 1.

This might be a case where the tests need to be fixed to not assume the
id is already reset at the beginning of the test, unless there's a good
way to guarantee this for Postgres.

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  Mailman 3.0 support for Postgres

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