[Bug 860159] Re: Mailman 3.0 support for Postgres

Stephen A. Goss steveth45 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 02:44:18 CEST 2011

I've attached a branch with the Postgres support code that I've cooked

Some notes:

1. You must install Storm trunk (or v. 0.19 whenever that is released)
as version 0.18 is broken w/regards to Postgres and UUID columns.

2. I haven't adapted the test suite to run against Postgres, yet, but my
own external integration tests pass (which encompass quite a bit of

3. There is now an alternate mailman_pg.sql file which is used to create
the tables. Currently, two foreign key constraints are commented out
because those are violated in Mailman 3 (apparently this doesn't bother
SQLite). Some column TYPES are different from mailman.sql. Classes are
created in a slightly different order due to FK constraint creation
requires the referenced table to actually exist. The primary key indexes
defined after each class are probably redundant, as those are created
automatically for SERIAL columns defined as PRIMARY KEY in Postgres.

4. Probably more FK constraint violations exist that my tests haven't

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  Mailman 3.0 support for Postgres

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