[Bug 925502] Re: VAR_PREFIX should be runtime-configurable

Zenon Panoussis oracle at provocation.net
Thu Feb 2 23:30:52 CET 2012

Mark, thanks for this meticulous list in comment #1. It is a solution to
the problem, albeit a cumbersome one.

Based on what you wrote, I am assuming that mailman first reads
Defaults.py and then reads mm_cfg.py, so that the latter overrides the
variables that happen to be set in both.

If that is so, then the elegant way to allow any variable in mm_cfg.py
to override Defaults.py, would be to reverse the order in which the two
files are read. In other words, first read mm_cfg.py and set all the
variables in it. Then run through Defaults.py conditionally: if var is
unset, then set, else skip. The end result would be that you can set
VAR_PREFIX or any other variable with children in mm_cfg.py and still
leave the children definitions in Defaults.py untouched as long as they
just follow their parent.

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  VAR_PREFIX should be runtime-configurable

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