[Bug 837700] Re: Issues with users subscribed via their preferred address

Barry Warsaw 837700 at bugs.launchpad.net
Wed Feb 8 20:55:04 CET 2012

Some thoughts:

First, this should not cause problems with multiple deliveries since MM
creates a set of recipient addresses for the message, which filters out

As for Member.__repr__() perhaps something like this (untested):

def __repr__(self):
    if self._address is None:
        subscription = 'preferred={0}'.format(self._user.preferred_address)
        subscription = self._address
    return '<Member: {0} on {1} as {2}>'.format(
        subscription, self.mailing_list, self.role)

Can you try that and see what you think?

As for #1, I'm not sure it's a problem given the above, but if it does
prove to be so, I can think of a few alternatives.  Maybe the user
should be disallowed from subscribing when an address they control is
already subscribed with the same role.  It's theoretically possible that
an address could come under the control of the user after the fact, and
that would be difficult to catch.

Another possibility would be to convert the existing address-based
subscription to a user-based subscription, but that might clobber the
address that they actually want to get delivery on.  E.g. they're
subscribed with anne at example.com but their preferred is
aperson at example.com.

Any other ideas?  I think if this is a problem, in the face of
ambiguity, refuse to guess (i.e. disallow those double subscriptions).

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  Issues with users subscribed via their preferred address

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