[Bug 558106] Re: A MemberAdaptor for LDAP-based membership

fs-physik-bielefeld ubuntu at fachschaft.physik.uni-bielefeld.de
Mon Jul 2 08:56:02 CEST 2012

So I used that adapter, but I had the problem that the mail server was
more important to be accessible without interruption that the ldap
server. So I tried replicating the ldap server to the mail server, but
since I did not want the password hashes on the mail server, I tried a
partial replication which somehow did not always work. Although the
ldap-server for the adapter was ldapi:///, it sometimes said 'connection
refused' and shunted my mails.

I finally changed LdapMemberships.py to FileMemberships.py, which is
minimal and just reads the list entries from files that are created with
python's pickle module. The files, on the other hand, are populated by a
cron job which contacts the original LDAP-Server. The disadvantage is
that changes to the LDAP entries get realized with a delay of one hour
at most, but the advantage is that if there is some problem with the
LDAP server, the files are just left as they are and the mails get
delivered. For my case this is more important.

For the implementation of FileMemberships, I was guided by this module,
so thanks for that. If someone else is interested, my version is

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