[Bug 1020683] Re: Feature Request: Make regular_*_lists and *_these_nonmembers recursive (and aware of each other).

Robert Arlt Jr. dukrat at mit.edu
Thu Jul 5 19:53:13 CEST 2012

I think making it recursive would be sufficient.

However, it isn't really that I want *_these_nonmembers to be recursive
to *_these_nonmembers as I may want different sets of lists to be able
to send to a particular list.  I guess it might be better if I just
explained what I really want, which is the ability to add @listC to the
members of listB such that listA, which has accept_these_nonmembers set
to @listB, can be sent to unmoderated by members of listC.  In
otherwords making the @listname format usable as a list member such that
*_these_nonmembers and sibling lists can transverse them.

Neither of the solutions you have talked about are exactly that, but
could be used instead to obtain the same goal.  Basically what I am
trying to do is minimize the number of lists that would have to be
changed if a new lists is created that should have rights to send to a
number of lists.

Perhaps I should have split this into two feature requests, the
recursion request is by far more of a useful feature.  The other feature
would add on only a minimal amount of capability.

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  Feature Request: Make regular_*_lists and *_these_nonmembers recursive
  (and aware of each other).

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