[Merge] lp:~mlm-author/mailman/2.1-author into lp:mailman/2.1

Franck franck at avonsys.com
Sun Jul 15 21:39:20 CEST 2012

Franck has proposed merging lp:~mlm-author/mailman/2.1-author into lp:mailman/2.1.

Requested reviews:
  Mailman Coders (mailman-coders)

For more details, see:

This change is optional through the use of the author_list variable and is set to off by default. Once set to on, it will use the list address in the From: header changing the display name to indicate who is the author of the post. The email address of the original post will be added to the reply-to field.

It does also some cleansing of some authentications headers.

Overall, this change allows mailing lists that choose so, to be able to be compatible with authentication schemes such as ADSP or DMARC.

A test list using this branch is at http://lists.peachymango.org/mailman/listinfo/mlm-auth
Your team Mailman Coders is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~mlm-author/mailman/2.1-author into lp:mailman/2.1.
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