[Bug 967238] Re: Expose IMailingList.archive and .archive_private in the REST API

Jeff Breidenbach 967238 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Mar 29 08:06:26 CEST 2012

I have read but not yet run the relevant code. If I understand
correctly, the intention of these two booleans is to provide 3 different
states: [ nothing,  private,  public ]. Is that correct? If so, that's
easy to understand and present to a list administrator in Posterious.

1/ If it is not too late, for clarity, you may want to consider exposing
just 3 states through the API rather than a pair of booleans which
represent 4 states.

2/ If the Posterious user interface says "nothing" or "private" there is
a user expectation of no public archiving. To help enforce this,  please
add X-No-Archive: Yes to outbound messages. There are a lot of public
archiving services in the world and this will avoid a lot of confusion.

3/ If there is a local message store (in maildir format?) it should not
have X-No-Archive: Yes added. This is relevant when a list admin changes
their mind years later and wants to import their data into a public
archiving service.

4/ The list admin should have some mechanism for finding out the URL of
the public archive.

5/ What happens when Postorius is set to "public", Mailman is configured
for mail-archive.com, and then somebody also adds archive at mail-
archive.com as a subscriber to the list? Will double messages be sent to

6/ In Mailman 2, the mechanism for adding archival service for The Mail
Archive is to add "archive at mail-archive.com" as a subscriber. My hope
for mailman 3 is that this would become even easier. From what I see so
far, it looks harder because it requires modifying mailman to a non-
stock configuration. Or would the stock configuration use The Mail
Archive as the public archiving service?

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  Expose IMailingList.archive and .archive_private in the REST API

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