[Merge] lp:~sophron/postorius/create_users into lp:postorius

Florian Fuchs flo.fuchs at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 20:58:23 CEST 2012

Hi Richard,

2012/10/25 Richard Wackerbarth <richard at nfsnet.org>:
> Isn't the visibility of the list members a per_list policy setting?

Please not that users/index is not a list of members, but a list of
the users stored in Mailman's core database. The members of a list are
displayed for each list separately and can be accessed only by
superusers and list owners.

> In any case, we will need to have list administrators (who are not the superuser) be able to see the membership on their list.
> I think that Postorius will require a better model for roles.

Yes, this is already possible. There are two custom permission
decorators for view functions (list_owner_required and
list_moderator_required) that check if the currently logged-in user is
either the owner or the moderator of a list. Currently those
restrictions are in user on the list members page, the moderation
page, the list settings etc.

Next step is providing forms to make existing users owners and/or moderators.


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