[Bug 1313010] [NEW] DMARC change breaks reply_goes_to_list

Robert Mathews rob-launchpad.net at tigertech.com
Sat Apr 26 06:12:33 CEST 2014

Public bug reported:

(Using 2.1.18rc2 plus revision 1466 patch.)

Setting reply_goes_to_list to either "This list" or "Explicit address"
no longer adds the correct Reply-To header *unless* the from/reply-to
were munged for DMARC reasons. The expected Reply-To header is missing

I may be wrong about why, but it seems that:

Line 190 of CookHeaders.py calls change_header() to add the desired
Reply-To header. In previous versions, change_header() would
unconditionally just set the header directly unless "mlist.from_is_list
== 2". Here's the 2.1.17 code; you can see that it would have just run
"msg[name] = value" in most cases:

def change_header(name, value, mlist, msg, msgdata, delete=True, repl=True):
    if mm_cfg.ALLOW_FROM_IS_LIST and mlist.from_is_list == 2:
        msgdata.setdefault('add_header', {})[name] = value
    elif repl or not msg.has_key(name):
        if delete:
            del msg[name]
        msg[name] = value

Now, though, changeheader() is more complicated and ends up using
"msgdata.setdefault('add_header'..." instead, because of this:

       ) or name.lower() in ('from', 'reply-to'):
        msgdata.setdefault('add_header', {})[name] = value

The add_header data later gets examined in WrapMessage.py's "process()".
The first test at line 43 of WrapMessage.py is true:

    if not (msgdata.get('from_is_list') == 2 or
            (mlist.from_is_list == 2 and msgdata.get('from_is_list') == 0)):

But the next test at line 45 is false unless the address has been DMARC-

        # Now see if we're munging.
        if msgdata.get('from_is_list') == 1 or (mlist.from_is_list == 1 and
                msgdata.get('from_is_list') == 0):

So we hit the "return" at line 57 and fail to add the header... unless
DMARC munging has taken place, in which case the test at line 45 is true
and the header gets added.

** Affects: mailman
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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  DMARC change breaks reply_goes_to_list

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