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Florian Fuchs flo.fuchs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 23:14:26 CET 2014

Florian Fuchs has proposed merging lp:~flo-fuchs/postorius/postorius_persona into lp:postorius.

Requested reviews:
  Terri (terriko)

For more details, see:


this change is mostly a switch from the django_social_auth library to django_browserid. 

It also includes some additions to the Persona audience verification process:

Usually, django_browserid uses the SITE_URL setting to check if the domain of the site matches the one provided with the Persona assertion (to prevent audience spoofing). In most cases, SITE_URL might probably only contain one domain. There are however possible scenarios running Postorius/Mailman under multiple domains (say, an Apache catch-all configuration). In those cases, adding new domains to the SITE_URL setting is a redundant task, because those domains also have to be added to the Mailman DB via Postorius (or REST). 

This change includes a ``get_audience`` function which includes domains from the Mailman DB when verifying the audience in the Persona assertion. The function is disabled by default, but can be activated in settings.py.

The code is tested (although I haven't run coverage...). But it sure won't hurt having someone else having a look at it.


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