[Mailman-Developers] [Bug 1130957] Re: Unicode errors in mailman3

Tim Marx tim.marx at xrammit.de
Mon May 5 22:22:57 CEST 2014

Am 30.04.2014 23:53, schrieb Barry Warsaw:
> On Apr 30, 2014, at 09:38 PM, Tim Marx wrote:
>> I'm using mailman 3.0.0b4 (with mailman-bundler) and ran into the same
>> problem as described above.  Luckily I found this bug report and could manage
>> to fix it with the patches above.
>> May I ask anybody (with more bazar-knowledge than me) to merge this two
>> patches into the mailman 3 branch?  Thank you!
> I think we just need some test cases.  Tim, can you provide any details on how
> you it the bug?
I had exactly the same stacktraces and error messages as Aurélien 
described in his bug report.
They appeared after I had sent mails from list-member email adresses to 
my mailing list server. I have used 'normal' email addresses without any 
special characters.
I'm sorry if I could not really help you with this!
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