[Bug 1420083] [NEW] Provide a reserved url for clearing out the uid table

Barry Warsaw 1420083 at bugs.launchpad.net
Tue Feb 10 04:16:31 CET 2015

Public bug reported:

While testing the authenticating REST proxy, it is necessary to clear
out the uid table.  In normal operation, we never delete rows from this
table, to ensure that uids are never duplicated.  However, when a user
is deleted in the proxy test suite, its uid entry is never cleaned up.

This thread discusses several options:

Yet another option would be to expose


and if you DELETE that resource, all uids not associated with users will
be removed from the table.

It's a bit crufty in that I think we may be abusing the DELETE method
(since <api>/reserved/uids/orphans will still exist after the successful
operation), but since this is a testing-only method, I think it's fine.

Not sure we need to implement GET, or subresources, but we could if it
turns out we need that for testing purposes.

Also, DELETEing .../orphans means that the ill effects of accidentally
calling this on a real server are minimized.  At worst, uids could be
reused, but that's unlikely given our use of uuid4().

** Affects: mailman
     Importance: High
         Status: Triaged

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  Provide a reserved url for clearing out the uid table

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