[Merge] lp:~bhavesh-goyal093/postorius/feature-added-mass-removal into lp:postorius

Bhavesh Goyal bhavesh.goyal093 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 16:03:54 CET 2015

The proposal to merge lp:~bhavesh-goyal093/postorius/feature-added-mass-removal into lp:postorius has been updated.

Description changed to:

Implemented the feature : Mass Unsubscription of list members from a list. Earlier there was no such option to unsubscribe all / set of members from the list and the list maintainer had to manually unsubscribe each member going through their email addresses searching for each one of them manually in the entire list.

Now Mass Removal feature to remove a set of email addresses is present as an option in the list nav bar to selectively unsubscribe a set of email addresses. The user can simply input the emails in each lines similar to mass subscribe and unsubscribe those members.

Also, a feature to unsubscribe all members has also been added as a button in members list page itself to empty the list at once, unsubscribing all members from the list keeping list settings / configs the same. This feature was also missing earlier and is now supported with a confirmation too to prevent the user from accidentally pressing the button and emptying the list.

For more details, see:
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