[Bug 1568547] [NEW] admindb POST fails due to absolute addressing

Rob Button rob at ubutton.com
Sun Apr 10 11:54:46 EDT 2016

Public bug reported:

The shared server I use employs re-directs from my domain name to their
local server domain name. This is causing form submission POSTs to fail
in the ADMINDB pages used to moderate user posts, but not in the ADMIN
pages used to manage the Mailman list. A review of the server code
reveals why -

The ADMIN pages use relative addressing in the form POST, so redirects are not an issue. 
Whereas the ADMINDB pages use absolute addressing in the form POST. See examples below from my website - 

THIS WORKS - From http://just63.justhost.com/mailman/admin/humor_noonway.com
<FORM action="../admin/humor_noonway.com/general" method="POST" >

THIS DOESN'T WORK - From http://just63.justhost.com/mailman/admindb/humor_noonway.com
<FORM action="http://noonway.com/mailman/admindb/humor_noonway.com" method="POST" >

This hasn't been an issue for the 12 years I've used Mailman to manage
user posts, but all of a sudden user post management is non-functional.
I can't tell if this is a change in my shared server setup, or an update
to Mailman 2.1.20 causing this.

There are probably Apache server settings I could change to solve this,
but I can't access the folders needed to do so on a shared server. Is
there a reason why the ADMINDB code couldn't be changed to use relative
addressing like the code in ADMIN?

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  admindb POST fails due to absolute addressing

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