[Bug 1532399] Re: Rejected notice message is not use i18n in Errors.py

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 9 15:27:58 EST 2016

There are issues in this area, but not because of the definition of _ in
Errors.py. This definition is intentional because at the time the module
is imported, the ultimate language context for the message is not known.
Thus, the messages can't be translated as the module is imported.

I'm aware of two places where the message is ultimately not translated

If the list's preferred_language is different from the user's language
on the list and a message is held, the default rejection reason in the
admindb interface is in the list's preferred_language and if the post is
ultimately rejected, the reason in the notice to the user is still in
the list's preferred_language and not in the user's language. I do not
intend to try to fix this because at the time to post is rejected, we
don't know if the default reason was changed by the moderator and we
have no way to translate it into the user's language.

The other place I'm aware of is in the automatic rejection of a post
from a moderated user when member_moderation_action is Reject and there
is no member_moderation_notice. In this case the default reason to the
user is in English rather than the user's language. I will work on a fix
for this one. Note that here also, if there is a
member_moderation_notice, we have no way to translate that so it will
always be in the language in which it was entered.

If you are aware of other contexts in which the default notice is not
appropriately translated, please report what they are.

** Changed in: mailman
       Status: New => Incomplete

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  Rejected notice message is not use i18n in Errors.py

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