[Bug 1604181] Re: mangled reply-to: header when a reply-to: header exists

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Jul 18 21:40:13 EDT 2016

When you say you get 3 addresses, do you mean all 3 addresses are in
Reply-To: or do you mean that when you 'reply' in your MUA (and what is
that?) the reply is addressed to those 3 addresses.

It sounds as if you may have set from_is_list to Munge From for this
list., but I'm not sure. I've never seen anything like
poster at mysub.domain.org being put in Reply-To: by Mailman. Possibly the
original post had Reply-Tp: poster (i.e. poster without a domain and
your MTA rewrote the unqualified address by adding your domain.

If  from_is_list to Munge From, a message from the list with
first_strip_reply_to = Yes, reply_goes_to_list = This list and Mailman
2.1.16 that was sent To: list at example.com From: bob at example.net should
have headers

From: bob via list <list at example.com>
Reply-To: <list at example.com>,  <bob at example.net> plus anything else in Bob's original Reply-To:

The current release is similar except  <bob at example.net> will be added
to Cc: rather than Reply-To:

There have been ongoing changes in this area in almost every release
since 2.1.16, but without understanding more about exactly what you are
seeing, I can't say if this is something that's been 'fixed' or a bug or
intended behavior.

See http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mailman-
coders/mailman/2.1/view/head:/NEWS for all the changes since 2.1.16.

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  mangled reply-to: header when a reply-to: header exists

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