[Merge] lp:~futatuki/mailman/2.1-forbid-subscription into lp:mailman/2.1

Yasuhito FUTATSUKI at POEM futatuki at poem.co.jp
Fri Jun 1 12:43:23 EDT 2018

Yasuhito FUTATSUKI at POEM has proposed merging lp:~futatuki/mailman/2.1-forbid-subscription into lp:mailman/2.1.

Commit message:
Add new value for MailList.subscribe_policy 4 as forbid

Requested reviews:
  Mailman Coders (mailman-coders)

For more details, see:

This extends MailList.subscribe_policy with new value '4', forbid subscribe request via E-mail and via Web UI (except list owners operation).

With MailList.subscribe_policy == 4,
* For Web UI
  - reject all subscribe request (Mailman/Cgi/subscribe.py, Mailman/HTMLFormatter.py)
  - hide subscription form from listinfo page
    (Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py, new template templates/en/listinfo_nosubscribe.html)
* For request via E-mail, reject all subscribe command (Mailman/Command/cmd_subscribe.py)
* foolproof: MailList.AddMember() raise new exception Errors.MembershipIsRejectedByPolicy()
    (Mailman/Errors.py, Mailman/MailList.py)

To set new value to MailList.subscribe_policy,
* For Web UI, add new radio button and description (Mailman/Gui/Privacy.py)

For new template
* Add menu new item for new template file (Mailman/Cgi/edithtml.py)

For description
* Add description for new value (Mailman/Defauilts.py.in, misc/sitelist.cfg)

Please revise not only code logic but also identifiers, words, messages to be suitable.

Your team Mailman Coders is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~futatuki/mailman/2.1-forbid-subscription into lp:mailman/2.1.
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