[Bug 1830663] Re: admin email interface fails w/ password holding space

griswolf 1830663 at bugs.launchpad.net
Tue May 28 23:42:06 EDT 2019

Thanks. If you can reasonably peel off part of your "work on it" I'd be
happy to lay a hand to it. I've been developing in python now for a
decade more or less (with intervals when Java was shop-required). Just
finished moving my personal library of tools to Python 3, but only
aliased "python" to python3 last week. Oh, and I'm retired, so there is
free time, albeit not as much as folks with jobs think.

What I'd really like is a web interface such as I provide for the dance
weekend pages I administer: A button that offers "download as CSV" for
the Membership list. Barring that, accessing all 787 list members, one
page at a time, scraping the pages into an editor, and then doing what I
need to do would be a serious PITA. The "who" command is _exactly_ what
I want. So, until now, my work process has been. And: I have no sysadmin
access to the list: On that server I'm a pure (admin-level for mailman)

try it (about annually, so I forget between)
realize it failed
realize what the problem is
change the password
grab the info
change the password again

As you can imagine, this is less than ideal.

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  admin email interface fails w/ password holding space

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