[Bug 1859011] Re: bounce mail processed multiple times -> oom crash of BounceRunner

Michael Menge 1859011 at bugs.launchpad.net
Mon Jan 13 07:12:57 EST 2020

Thanks for the hint to the dumpdb command.

though the command was killed by the system, it extracted sufficient data, 
and  I was able to extract some useful informations.
I did split the output into files for each object (csplit '/^<----- start object/' '{*}')

1. one bounced mail (qid F2BEEE9318) was multiple times in the bonce-event-13392.pck

2. the dumped objects for the duplicated bounce differ only in the 1st and 3rd line, 
   first line beeing '<----- start object' and second line been the mailinglist

3. I guess the detected mail-address should be in the third line. For the first 
   instance of the duplicated mail this was '\x00', for the other objects it 
   seems to contain "random" data e.g.


4. The envelope-from of the bounce mail did contain '=' 2 times
   prvs=126700a846=ndr at some.domain while the from address is
   ndr at some.domain

5. the bounced mail included the complete original mail with pdf attachment ~5 MB

There is no change in my BounceRunner.py compared to the linked version.

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  bounce mail processed multiple times -> oom crash of BounceRunner

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