[Mailman-developers] prerelease feedback

Scott scott@chronis.icgroup.com
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 12:48:35 -0400

some notes on the prerelease:

atleast one of the wrappers (cgi-wrapper) was seg faulting on my
machine (linux2.0.29 on a pentum).  i haven't completely traced and
fixed the problem yet, all i've done is commented out the
check_caller() function call to make it work in the meant time.  i'll
track this one down more thoroughly early next week.

the integration with the archiving is still using pipermail v.02.
it's unclear to me whether archiving is going to be done separately
(with it's own cron jobs) or called via Archiver.UpdateArchives.  i am
also unsure by what mechanism private archives are going to be hidden
(via cgi password authentication, .htaccess or what).

overall, i'd like to say yet again that mailman seems to be developing
very quickly and extend thanks to ken and john and andrew.

Scott Cotton
IC Group, Inc.