[Mailman-Developers] A (the?) MIME digest / MTA problem

Janne Sinkkonen janne@avocado.pc.helsinki.fi
11 Jul 1998 02:05:53 +0300

There exists a problem with MIME digests of b4 and some
MTAs. Something in some digests makes the receiving end to think that
it has received the whole message, while the sending MTA (mine was
sendmail 8.8.5, now 8.9.1) thinks it failed and leaves the message to
the spool. The message needs to be removed manually, for otherwise the
poor subscriber will get a copy of it every time the mail queue is
run, indefinitely.

Does anybody know a remedy? I'm leaving for a holiday soon, and
wouldn't like to write a script to be able to delete digests through
my mobile phone...

A maybe-related problem is that some messages are left to the mail
spool even if they are expired. Apparently his has only happened with
mailman, not with majordomo. (I just deleted a few thousands, the
oldest dated May 1998.) Sounds like a sendmail problem, but I don't
understand how it's related to mailman.