[Mailman-Developers] '&' in an address

Janne Sinkkonen janne@avocado.pc.helsinki.fi
06 Jun 1998 14:45:15 +0300

I have never before seen an address with '&' in it, but now we have
'r&d.nylund@somewhere.com' on one of our lists.  It is a problem,
since the error log shows the followig when a message is posted to the

Jun 06 07:55:39 1998 post: Traceback (innermost last):
post:   File "/home/mailman/scripts/mailowner", line 43, in ?
post:      if not current_list.bounce_processing or not current_list.ScanMessage(msg):
post:   File "/home/mailman/Mailman/mm_bouncer.py", line 407, in ScanMessage
post:      self.RegisterBounce(who, msg)
post:   File "/home/mailman/Mailman/mm_bouncer.py", line 83, in RegisterBounce
post:      self.LogMsg("bounce", report + "first")
post:   File "/home/mailman/Mailman/maillist.py", line 570, in LogMsg
post:      logf.write("%s\n" % (msg % args))
post: TypeError :  not enough arguments for format string 

I have 1.0b4, but the subscription was made while we were running an
earlier version. It's possible that the address found its way to the
list through the admin's mass subscription.

Either mailman shouldn't allow such addresses to be subscribed, or
then the post script needs fixing.