[Mailman-Developers] mass subscribe bug

John Viega viega@list.org
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 17:54:12 -0700

On Sat, Jun 13, 1998 at 08:04:35PM -0400, Scott wrote:
> i was following the example in the "private" script.  i don't think
> base64 is necessary,  but would think that some kind of encoding makes
> it safer -- if only because it looks random.  md5 is another option
> for that, but it produces lots of characters that need special http
> escaping.  i'm not sure whether or not base64 has the same problem.
> perhaps plaintext or a simple hash is in order?

base64's purpose is essentially the same as uuencode; to take binary
streams and encode them into 7 bit characters.

I'd say as long as there as these weird bugs, let's back off and go to