[Mailman-Developers] Bounce processing and remote list administrators

Janne Sinkkonen janne@avocado.pc.helsinki.fi
15 Jun 1998 19:12:32 +0300

Well, I'm not sure it's quite as smooth as it could be.

Our network connection tends to go down for the weekend because of a
broken router needing (ir)relegular reboots. This happened on Sunday
once again, and this time the remote listowner got over 100MB worth of
error messages. His ISP will filter the trash out of his mailbox for
tomorrow, hopefully.

Furthermore, about 150 of roughly 800 members were kicked out of the
list because of 'excessive or fatal bounces'. The network was down
for about 24 hours. (Our bounce parameters may be too tight, of
I haven't seen the variety of the generated messages yet.

Even if this were 'normal' in the sense that there are no
message-generating loops, some kind of solution is needed to prevent
excessive or fatal mail bombing of the listowners.