[Mailman-developers] Web page

John Viega viega@list.org
Fri, 1 May 1998 14:16:24 -0700

I'm going to be constructing a new Mailman web page at list.org in the
next couple of days (probably after I finish my last final exam monday
afternoon).  One thing the old site had that I would like to reinstate
is a list of all changes we would like to make that have not yet been

To this end, I'd like people to send wishlists to the list, and for
the group to discuss items on the wishlist.

Some things that come to mind that are important for me include:

1) Having an optional (threaded) daemon mode that will obviate mailman
having to start up multiple times.  I've already seen lists where the
administrator doesn't have any bounce handling on, and completely
ignores all error messages.  On a large list, error handling scripts
get run frightingly often.

2) The user options should include a way of saying, "If I'm on the TO
or CC list, don't send me another copy of that message!"

3) Nice, web-based, in place documentation.

4) Bounce detection needs some major work.  I'm going to also look at
this one soon.

I'd like to also keep track of who is persuing what, so as to avoid overlap
of effort.

Any other suggestions on what should or should not show up on the
Mailman home page are also welcome, as are contributions.