[Mailman-Developers] (long) queue problems: an analysis

Scott scott@chronis.pobox.com
Mon, 5 Oct 1998 15:13:21 -0400

i have coded the changes to the queueing mechanism, and checked in the
relevant files  (contact_transport, Mailman/Utils.py, and
Mailman/OutgoingQueue.py) to the cvs tree.

Just wanted to note a couple of things that differ slightly between
what i coded and the plan below:

1) a closer look at the code prompted me to use file metadata to
denote whether a q entry has been deferred because it allowed the
conveniance of continueing to use the tempfile module.  Origonally, i
tried setting the sticky bit on files that are in an active state, and
found that on some OS's in some conditions it wouldn't let certain
users set this, so i decided to use the setuid bit instead.

2) as per Ken's suggestion, the setgid data directory would work in
conjuntion with some chmod'ing of the q entries.  there's no need to
muck with what programs get set{u,g}id to what as far as i can tell.


On Fri, Oct 02, 1998 at 06:22:27PM -0400, Scott wrote:
| On Fri, Oct 02, 1998 at 03:55:30PM -0400, Scott wrote:
| | the mailman outgoing mail queue has a number of concurrency-control issues. 
| [see previous post]
| | So we need a mail queuing architecture that will address all these
| | issues.   
| Here's an idea:
| 1) we alter contact_transport so that it does not try to process the
|    queue anymore.  it would only deal with the delivery at hand. 
| 2) we create a 2-part mailqueue inside
|    mm_cfg.DATA_DIR/mqueue/{active,deferred}.  when we enqueue a
|    message for delivery, we put it in mqueue/active/<qfilename>.  If
|    the delivery succeeds, we unlink the file.  If it fails, we rename
|    the file to mqueue/deferred/<qfilename>.  All mail queue files in
|    active/ will be handled by a single process under the current
|    delivery mechanism, so no concurrency control is necessary for
|    active/ queue files. this would involve changes to TrySMPTDelivery,
|    and the installation procedure.
| 3) we alter OutGoingQueue.enqueueMessage so that it can handle coming
|    up with unique filenames under this 2-part mail queue mechanism.
| 4) we alter OutGoingQueue.processQueue so that it creates a site-wide
|    queue_run lock file to prevent more than one queue run from
|    happening at a time.  this process will also check the active/
|    queue files for files whose modification/creation time is older
|    than some configurable amount of time (on the order of 1hr-1day).
|    For each of these files, it will rename them to the deferred/ part
|    of the queue before proceeding to process them.  These 'stale'
|    queue files would only come about as a result of system crashes or
|    memory errors or similar serious system related and unpredictable
|    errors that can happen in the middle of an smtp transaction.
| the above scheme works in theory only when run_queue uid is the owner
| of all the queue files and/or root.  I believe that it is possible for
| queue files to be owned by both the uid of the cgi and the uid of the
| local mail delivery agent.  If this is the case, then either run_queue
| will have to be run as root, or all processes creating a queue file
| will have to setuid mailman before creating the file.  Are there any
| preferences on which of these two approaches would be best?
| the above scheme should not effect delivery rates much at all, since
| the TrySMTP process would be the same except that it would have to add
| a rename() operation if delivery failed.  There would be no contention
| over locks for most deliveries.  deliveries that are deferred would be
| handled in a sequential manner, but even that should be ok since each
| message in the queue can have up to some very large number of
| recipients.  (on an unrelated note - has anyone bumped up against rcpt
| limits with mailers yet?) 
| if there aren't any concerns over this approach, i'll go ahead and
| code it -- starting monday.  should take a day or two to code and
| test. 
| scott
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