[Mailman-Developers] CVS / Queuing problem

Scott scott@chronis.pobox.com
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 14:46:52 -0400

On Tue, Oct 06, 1998 at 02:42:45PM -0400, Ken Manheimer wrote:
| > personally, I'd like to see a general "mmcheck" script or something
| > that looks at all the directory permissions and reports any problems.
| > i've seen other directories ($prefix/mail and $prefix/cgi)
| > mysteriously drop their setgid status somehow (whether or not it was
| > my own fault i doj't know) and the resulting problems can be really
| > hard to identify.
| Agreed!  That would be great - this should go on john's todo list, if
| it's not already there.
| > mmcheck would be pretty simple -- just stat all the directories and
| > compare to a preset dict of what they should be. 
| I would be surprised if there aren't some other simple sanity checks
| that would make the job of finding and correcting setup flaws much
| easier...