[Mailman-Developers] Some bugs... (HTMLFormatter and Cgi/admin)

Bavo De Ridder bavo@ace.ulyssis.student.kuleuven.ac.be
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 18:00:39 +0200 (CEST)

On Sun, 11 Oct 1998, John Viega wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 11, 1998 at 05:16:20PM +0200, Bavo De Ridder wrote:
> > Hello,
>  > 
> > I recently got the latest cvs-release. After installing it I got the
> > following errors:
> > 
> > 	1) In HTMLFormatter.py (line 160) a call to a none
> > 	   existsing attribute of MailList
> > 
> > 	   correction: changed the if to 
> > 
> > 		if self.subscribe_policy < 2 :
> > 
> > 	   I don't know if the "< 2" is completely correct, but
> > 	   the real correction probably goes in that direction.
> I don't understand you here.  What's the exact error you're getting?

In the original source file it said "if not self.open_subscribers:" and
then you got the error "AttributeError: open_subscribers". Looking at
MailList.py I saw that there was no such attribute as "open_subscribers"
but a "subscribe_policy" wich contains what open_subscribers should

As I said I don't know the value of this correction, but it works now (and
looking at what "open_subscribers" and "subscribe_policy" means, I think
it's a good correction, correct me I am wrong...)

> Well, I just updated HTMLFormatter a little while ago, and haven't
> tried it out yet.  I don't understand you problem with it yet, though.
> As for the list->lst problem, I did notice that last week, but I
> hadn't gotten around to making the change in my checked out version
> and checking it in, I'd only made the fix in a running version.  Note
> that the CVS tree is not garunteed to be in a state that will run
> whatsoever, though we do try to keep it that way.  We only do lots of
> testing when it comes time for an actual release. (And even then we
> don't always catch everything).

I was just wondering, not pointing fingers at someone, I maintain a
library myself (KDE Foundation Classes) and I know how dificult it is too
get a bug free release out (what are beta version for...). I can't even
begin imagining how difficult it is to fully test a mailman release, there
are so many things that could go wrong...

Compared to other mailinglist manager, mailman is at least 3 years

Keep up the good work!!!!

Bavo De Ridder