[Mailman-Developers] CVS error + latest mailman-cmdhandler.patch

Tomas Fasth tomas@euronetics.se
Mon, 12 Oct 1998 16:43:35 +0200

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From: Balazs Nagy <julian7@kva.hu>
To: mailman-developers@python.org <mailman-developers@python.org>
Date: den 12 oktober 1998 11:46
Subject: [Mailman-Developers] CVS error + latest mailman-cmdhandler.patch

>There's an error in anon cvs:
>cvs server: cannot open /projects/cvsroot/mailman/templates/help.txt,v:
>Permission denied
>cvs server: nothing known about mailman/templates/help.txt

Despite making changes as Barry was advising, the problem persist.
Someone might have to take a look at the repository file permission
A fresh ckeckout will not pull down the help.txt file.