[Mailman-Developers] confusing post requirements policy

Scott scott@chronis.pobox.com
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 15:56:22 -0400

Recently i added an option to mailman to make it so that the list of
posters that are allowed to post sans approval would or would not
include the list members automatically.

I have several lists using this option, and just discovered that a
good deal of confusion was created over the fact that there are 3
interrelated questions on the admin cgi (and corresponding variables)
that could be summed up in 2:

1) variable member_posting_only.  
2) variable posters
3) posters_includes_members

currently, there is not only confusion, but a problem.  specifically,
if member_posting_only is set, posters has some addresses in it, and
posters_includes_members is set to yes, then it doesn't allow posting
from non members in the posters list.

It seems like it would be much more clear if there were 2 variables:

member_posting (in place of member_posting_only and posters_includes_members)

if member_posting is set to true, the addresses in posters gets added
to the subscriber list to form the list of all approved posts. if
member_posting is set to false, the addresses in posters are the only
ones that can post without approval.

this seems much simpler and more clear to me.

how do people feel about this?