[Mailman-Developers] Having kittens with the code

Nicholson James D James.Nicholson@amedd.army.mil
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 17:36:09 -0400

I have been trying to fix the mailman code for some time now, and I would
really appreciate any help.  The basic problem is that the anonymous_list is
broken on my machine, I don't know why, but, I can't even debug.

My Problem:  
I turn on the anonymous_list option so that all mail appears to the
recipient as if it emanates from the listname@machine.
However, it doesn't work.  Everything sent out to the test list still
appears to come from an individual user.

My Attempt at a solution:
Someone told me that the anonymizing of the list is done in the Post()
routine in MailList.py.    So, I go in there and hardwire a change to the
'From' and 'To' fields, with no luck.

So, if you find the code:

        del msg['reply-to']
        del msg['sender']

I then add the following code:

        msg.SetHeader('From', 'listname@machinename')
        msg.SetHeader('To', 'listname@machinename')

and comment out the following code beginning with 'if self.anonymous_list:'
And what happens is nothing.  Nothing I do here seems to affect the header
of reflected mail.  Is this the wrong place to make these changes or is the
mail being postprocessed somewhere else that undoes my changes?

So, now I really want to debug.  So, I use the handy self.LogMsg() function.
But, I get nothing in the logs.  Here's the code I added right after the
hardwired changes above:

        subj = msg.getheader('from')
        self.LogMsg("error", "initially from %s ", subj )

NADA for output.  Can someone please send me a clue here?  I've been working
on it for weeks and can't get anywhere.  If I can't solve the problem, I
just won't have a mailing list.