[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Users] Usenet gating and archiving

Richard B. Pyne rpyne@kinfolk.org
Fri, 2 Apr 1999 15:53:53 -0700

On 2 Apr 99, at 15:56, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> Is anybody currently gating Usenet to a mailing list, /and/ doing
> archiving with the default Pipermail?  If so, you may not have noticed
> that the archives are pretty broken; nothing that originates on Usenet
> will show up in the archive.

I have not yet started using the gateway, but it and the automated 
archives are two of the features that attracted me to mailman. I do 
plan on using it in the future.

> I would rather not add this hack to Mailman unless a lot of people
> would benefit from it.  For the test lists that I'm running, we're
> willing to just trash the archives and start over; the lists aren't
> live anyway.  I'd like to know who would be really adversely affected
> by this problem.

What good is an incomplete archive? I feel that it is very important 
that the archive is a true and complete record of the list activity, 
including mesages gated in from a newsgroup.

Richard B. Pyne, KB7RMU