[Mailman-Developers] Run_queue Process

Kory Wheatley wheakory@isu.edu
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 13:18:24 -0700

Where in the directory structure of  mailman does
queued mail get placed
for the cron job "run_queue" to process if the message
failed to deliver
the first time or the host machine was down at the
time, because there
are times where I don't want these messaged to be
resent. I would rather
deleted them then have run_queue send them out, because
I had one list
that had subscribed the wrong email address for 2000
users to the list
and it kept trying to resend them which caused
performance problems do I
need to adjust sendmail to handle a situation like

I would like to basically know how to delete the mail queue messages
sometimes  if I know there is going to be a lot of queued mail that I
don't want delivered.

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