[Mailman-Developers] Problem with moving from /home/mailman -> /usr/mailman

Dan A. Dickey ddickey@wamnet.com
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 09:12:42 -0600

I was using mailman 1.0 on an "old" machine, and it was
installed to /home/mailman - the default.
We tried moving the lists to a new machine, but the
admin wanted it based somewhere other than /home/mailman,
so we chose /usr/mailman.  I retrieved version 1.1, and
installed it.  The 'make update' failed.

Basically, I believe this is because CheckVersion()
thought the config.db that we brought over from the old
machine was up to date, and so used it as is.  I think
it contains references to /home/mailman, and I do not
know how to change them to /usr/mailman.

For the time being, we are getting by because we have
a symlink from /home/mailman -> /usr/mailman; but I
want to do away with this scenario.

Can one/more of the experts out there tell me how to
correct the above problems?  Can this be addressed in
a new version of mailman a bit better?
Or can someone tell me where to RTFM?
I'm willing to try code here if someone wants to take
a stab at fixing this.