[Mailman-Developers] admin approval page / cvs

Ricardo Kustner ricardo@miss-janet.com
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 13:44:04 +0100


i'm trying out the 1.2 cvs version of MM...
I like the changes on the approval page... I do have some
suggestions for changes, which should make it a bit easier to
use (this page is an important part of our mailinglist
setup and I've used it alot)...

1) message headers: putting the message in a TEXTAREA is a neat
   solution :) however, when all the message headers are being
   shown, you have to scroll the box alot before you see anything
   about the message body... maybe the headers should be left
   out entirely since the subject/from is being mentioned 
   above anyway ?
2) approve/reject/discard ... please move this below the message
   content... since the normal way is that you read the message
   first, and then decide what to do with it...
3) add an option to send a copy of the message to a certain
   email address. I've already hacked something like this
   into my local copy of MM, but it just sends the message body,
   so any attachments are lost (you can of course retrieve them
   with mime tools)

i've already changed these things myself... but i don't have
a copy of cvs on the production machine so it's not easy to make
a patch for it right now... (and to be honest my changes are more
'hacks' than clean code ;) )