[Mailman-Developers] Developers Needed for addition of specific feature(s)

Bill Bumgarner bbum@codefab.com
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 17:54:24 -0500

I'm looking for some Python/MailMan savvy developers to add some features to  
MailMan.  In particular, we [CodeFab] have a need-- both internally and on a  
client project-- to augment MailMan such that it can gracefully handle  
attachments.   In particular:

- decode MIME (and other formats?) encoded messages upon receipt

- file attachments into archive via either the current archive scheme or via  
WebDAV (WebDAV preferred)

- rewrite message such that it contains URLs to the attachements instead of  
the attachments themselves

The overriding goal of this is to solve the above problems in an extremely  
timely manner and provide all resulting modifications/extensions to MailMan  
back to the MailMan development community in such a fashion that it can be  
integrated into future releases.  However, we are under a severe time crunch  
and, as such, it is likely that what we need done and what needs to be done to  
integrate this into the next release will not be in complete parity-- which is  
another reason why I would really like to bring a focused MailMan/Python  
developer into this project to ensure that the short term work will feed  
directly into a long term, viable integration of this solution into MailMan.

The code is not just for CodeFab's benefit-- we have a client that also needs  
this solution.  This client is also interested in helping fund this development  
effort.  The funds are limited and the client [and CodeFab] would both like to  
be able to further leverage this by generating some positive "we support open  
source projects & MailMan/Python is really cool" PR-- so we would like to work  
with a developer or developers that are amicable to having their name thrown  
into a press release and wouldn't mind signing the standard NDA/contracting  
style agreements.

Let me reiterate-- regardless of contractual agreements necessary to move this  
forward-- all code developed under this arrangement will be under the GPL.

Regardless of whether or not we can find someone to formally assist us, this  
work has to get done anyway.  I would rather see it done with formal assistance  
from the MailMan development community...  If we can't find someone to help  
from the community, then consider this message a request for comments as to how  
to best implement the above features and I guess I'll have to go read the  
"hacking MailMan" HOWTO.  :-)