[Mailman-Developers] admin approval page / cvs

Richard Ellerbrock richarde@eskom.co.za
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 10:12:25 +0200

>i'm trying out the 1.2 cvs version of MM...
>I like the changes on the approval page... I do have some
>suggestions for changes, which should make it a bit easier to
>use (this page is an important part of our mailinglist
>setup and I've used it alot)...


>3) add an option to send a copy of the message to a certain
>   email address. I've already hacked something like this
>   into my local copy of MM, but it just sends the message body,
>   so any attachments are lost (you can of course retrieve them
>   with mime tools)

I would really like this feature too!

Richard Ellerbrock