[Mailman-Developers] illegal seek

Ricardo Kustner ricardo@miss-janet.com
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 08:34:57 +0100

>Okay, so sys.stdin isn't seekable everywhere :)  Give the below patch
>a try.

a few days ago Barry send me a patch that fixes an "Illegal Seek"
error which I'm getting on my system (in scripts/post)... this hasn't
been checked in the CVS yet... but I noticed this problem pops up
in other places too... I think my mailinglist isn't working 100%
now (but thats what you get for using 'experimental' version ;) )
Mailman/Message.py (49) also does a self.rewindbody(), causing
the same error on my system. ... i'm seeing this appear several
times a day in the error log so something isn't going that
good on my list .... :)
i'm curious to know what this problem is related to? is it the
C library? my system is running good old libc5