[Mailman-Developers] subscribers being ignored

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
08 Feb 1999 12:54:14 +0100

[Harald Meland]

> [Jerry Adlersfluegel]
> > Is it possible that there is a limit to how many recipients my
> > sendmail is seeing?
> If no one else fills me in on the sendmail config details, I'll try
> checking my bat book on Monday (or when I get the chance) and report
> any relevant findings.

Bat book checked and found outdated, so I checked Dejanews, and from
hints found there I got this:

  From the sendmail-8.9.0 cf/README file:

: +--------------------------------+
: +--------------------------------+
: [...]
: M4 Variable Name        Configuration   Description & [Default]
: ================        =============   =======================
: confMAX_RCPTS_PER_MESSAGE  MaxRecipientsPerMessage
:                                         [infinite] If set, allow no more than
:                                         the specified number of recipients in
:                                         an SMTP envelope.  Further recipients
:                                         receive a 452 error code (i.e., they
:                                         are deferred for the next delivery
:                                         attempt).

If you're running some sendmail version earlier than 8.9.0, I'd guess
you could emulate this new option with some fancy stuff in e.g. the
check_rcpt ruleset (but I'm not a sendmail guru, so don't take my word
for it).

Could you "grep MaxRecipientsPerMessage sendmail.cf" and let us know
if my guess is anywhere near the solution to the problem, so that
Mailman can include hints on checking this sendmail setting for other
users with similar problems?